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  1. Ultima Ratio Regum is a "a semi-roguelike game inspired by Jorge Borges, Umberto Eco, Neal Stephenson, Shadow of the Colossus, Europa Universalis and Civilization."Ultima Ratio Regum so far procedurally generates a solar system, a planet and its continents, ziggurats, the riddles and block-pushing puzzles that allow you to explore those ziggurats, and the positions of the vines covering the .
  2. May 19,  · Ultima ratio regum “Do not lose a second, immediately and decisively take a place on the battlefield, whose name is life, do not be content with what is, never reconcile with defeat, because the world exists to be conquered.”.
  3. Louis XIV of France had Ultima Ratio Regum ("last argument of kings") cast on the cannons of his armies; motto of the American 1st Battalion 11th Marines; motto of the French Fourth Artillery Regiment; motto of Swedish Artilleriregementet. Also, the Third Battery of the French Third Marine Artillery Regiment has the motto Ultima Ratio Tribuni.
  4. Ultima Ratio Regum [RATIO] Clan Rules. Application pending. Request to Join. Membership Policy: Open for applications. Clan Members (24) NazGul Commander Manitoba
  5. Starting with the front part, the gun had a sight design at its extremity. They followed the name of the gun (here Uranie). Then, a Latin phrase "Ultima Ratio Regum", initially introduced by Louis XIV, and rather descriptive of the role of the gun: "The Last Argument of Kings".
  6. Ultima Ratio Regum. Posted 27 October , am by Jake. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is a jet-fueled romp through a geographically skewed, post-apocalyptic futuristic society. It introduces a very Neuromancer-like Metaverse, which is the digital equivalent of the real world, albeit where everything is related to information.
  7. Ultima ratio regum definition, the final argument of kings (a resort to arms): motto engraved on the cannon of Louis XIV. See more.
  8. L'ultima ragione dei re. Ultima ratio regum by Joe Abercrombie autore:Joe Abercrombie, Date: agosto 7, ,vista: 2 autore:Joe Abercrombie La lingua: ita Format: azw3 Tags: Narrativa Fantasy ISBN: editore: Gargoyle.
  9. Ultima Ratio Regum Chi siamo. 1 Topics. 0 Replies. 14/12/, In Ultima Ratio Regum. By [URR] Ultimorei. Lex Militaris Regolamento Forum e Clan. 5 Topics. 0 Replies. 14/12/, In Lex Militaris. By [URR] Ultimorei. In Ultima Delectus Arruolamento. 26 Topics. 54 Replies. 30/5/, In Richiesta Arruolamento. By AngeloShane.

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