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  1. The Spiritual Symbolism of El Topo: Part Two Continued from Part One: While the first act of Alejandro Jodorowsky's spiritual genre-bender El Topo can be considered a pseudo-western, it is only one half of a larger whole that defies categorization. The film can be split into two parts, ending where the last article left off: El Topo's.
  2. Alejandro Jodorowsky as El Topo Brontis Jodorowsky as Hijo, El Topo's son, as a boy Alfonso Arau as Bandit #1 José Luis Fernández as Bandit #2 Alf Junco as Bandit #3 Jacqueline Luis as El Topo's wife Mara Lorenzio as Mara Paula Romo as The Woman in Black David Silva as The Colonel Héctor Martínez Release date: 18 December (New York City).
  3. Part 2 of Team Red Family series. Part of the Team Red Family Series If you haven't read The Silence and Broken, this will probably be confusing for you. This fic is done for the Carmen Sandiego Kid challenge. El Topo | Antonio & Carmen Sandiego | Black Sheep (5) Ivy & Zack (Carmen Sandiego) (4).
  4. Part 2. The second half of the film takes place years later. El Topo awakes in a cave, to find that the tribe of deformed outcasts have taken care of him and set him up as a God-like figure, while he has been asleep and meditating on the gun masters' "four lessons". The outcasts dwell in a system of caves which have been blocked in — the only exit is out of their reach due to their deformities.
  5. The El Topo Rhapsody - Part 1 by Syds Vids. El Topo by Badawi - Topic. "El Topo" de Alejandro Jodorowsky - El mejor dialogo en la historia del cine!! by AlexMustDie El topo by Israel Lopez. OS FILHOS DE EL TOPO de Alejandro Jodorowsky by CENTRAL HQS. el topo.
  6. El Topo rejects all authoritative figures within this text, whether it be a general who dons his costume much in the same way that a drag performer would don their wig and makeup. In this moment it is quite possible that Jodorowsky wants to suggest that the only difference between a person in power and a peasant is the garb worn, the.
  7. El Topo Other than the computer I don't spend much time staring into screens. I've never owned a television and haven't shared a house with one since - unless you count the brief periods I was couch-surfing at friend's places.
  8. May 12,  · El Topo (the mole) claims to be God, while dressed as a gunfighter in black, riding a horse through a spiritual, mystical landscape strewn with old Western movie, and ancient Eastern religious symbols. Bandits slaughtered a village on his path, so El Topo avenges the massacred, then forcibly takes their leader’s woman Mara as his.

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